The B&W Concrete Services Team

Our Leadership Team

Mike Branson, Sr.


Mike Branson, Sr., President

Michael M. Branson, Sr. President - While attending the University of Missouri, Mike worked in the summer as a member of a foundation crew. After obtaining his degree, he decided to start his own foundation business and acquired a small business loan. Mike has over 40 years of experience in poured wall construction and industry knowledge.  His values and core principles are visible throughout the entire organization and have built B & W its reputation as the best of breed in the industry.  


Mike Branson, Jr.


Mike Branson, Jr., Vice President

Michael P. Branson, Jr. Vice President — During summer months through his high school and college years, Mike, Jr. worked on a foundation crew digging footings, packing forms, pouring concrete and learning from the ground up. After a brief career in basketball, he returned to the business his father built and worked his way from carpenter to foreman to management. Today, Mike is more involved with business operations, strategy, growth and planning.  He takes pride in maintaining our reputation and has embraced the business aspects and responsibilities required of the organization as Mike Sr. takes more time away.  


Larry O'Harver


Larry O'Harver, General Manager-Flatwork

Larry O’Harver, General Manager-Flatwork — Larry is B&W’s general manager of flatwork, but his unofficial title speaks volumes about his talents -- chief artisan. Larry  recently joined the B&W crew, but he started his career in 1983 concentrating on structural concrete projects. He soon became a project superintendent and performed that duty for 14 years before getting into decorative concrete.

His experience over the past 29 years has afforded him the opportunity to perform every aspect of concrete work, which has helped him cultivate an artistic eye with a technical understanding of all things concrete. For Larry, it’s about “providing our customers a quality, long-lasting product that performs and looks good for years to come.”

Outside our Wildwood offices, Larry has created  25 — and counting — 7-by-7-foot sample pads that not only display his artistry, but provide inspiration for your project. Stop by and stroll across the pads to see how different designs look under your feet. Feel free to contact Larry directly to learn about the many decorative possibilities of concrete.


Terry Leach


Terry Leach, Project Manager and Head of Foundation Estimating

Terry Leach, Project Manager and Head of Foundation Estimating — Terry heads our estimating and invoicing department. His 17-plus years of field experience, all with B&W, make him a knowledgeable resource and an ideal project manager. His in-depth knowledge of our operations help him set realistic expectations and superior service. Terry proudly says, "From the beginning to the end of a project, I pride myself on customer satisfaction."


Doug Haley


Doug Haley, Manager of Field Operations

Doug Haley, Manager of Field Operations - Doug has spent more than 30 years with B&W Concrete. He began as a laborer and worked his way up to a foreman. During the last ten years he has served as the field supervisor. He takes care of daily scheduling and oversees every job to ensure quality.