Exposed Aggregate Concrete in St. Louis

In our opinion, this is the best option for all exterior flatwork. It offers the most durable finish available with a highly custom decorative look and requires the least amount of maintenance. For all this, it is very cost effective and only a moderate upcharge over standard concrete.  This is why we state, "It is the by far the biggest bang for your buck."

Process - Variety - Durability

Aggregate or rock is one of the necessary components of a concrete mix.  With this finish you can select from a variety of rock options to put in the mix.  Some of these options are very colorful smooth glacial rocks, while others are more uniform.  The decorative rocks still meet the structural requirements of the mix, but the finished product exposes these rocks at the surface to show their beauty.  

All the prep work is still the same with a unique finishing procedure.  When we finish the surface, we spray a chemical on it which prevents the top layer of cement paste from setting up.  When the concrete is ready, we wash off that top layer to expose the aggregate option you have selected.  The surface left is not only very decorative, but also more durable than any other finish for two reasons:

  1. The cement paste at the surface is the area that shows the damage done by our freeze/thaw cycles and/or the other possible negative aesthetic issues which can occur with concrete, like "pops". We have removed it.
  2. The aggregates at the surface have now become your actual wear surface, instead of the cement paste which wears over time.  


We recommend sealing all exterior concrete and with decorative finishes it is a must.  It protects your concrete while enhancing the colors.  With stamped concrete finishes, if you neglect resealing your concrete, the colors will fade and the surface will show wear.  The beauty of exposed aggregate is it is not going to fade and if you choose to reseal it after 10 years of use, all the original colors will return as if it were freshly poured.  With exposed aggregate the level of maintenance is basically your choice.  

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