Decorative Concrete

Make a dramatic impression and enhance your home's appeal with decorative concrete. From a colorful exposed aggregate sidewalk to a cobblestone driveway or a patio resembling slate, the look and feel of custom concrete is realistic, stunning, durable and affordable.

Exposed AggregateDecorative ConcreteConcrete Colors

Exposed Aggregate

Many people may not know that aggregate or rock is used to make concrete.  It is in the mix design and typically poured with basic rocks for structural reasons only. There is also a large variety of decorative rocks available to select from which meet the structural requirements of the mix design, but are also colorful and appealing. The surface an be finished to expose these rocks to give a custom look and feel.

Stamping and Coloring

Transform standard concrete into an elegant natural stone, slate, brick or hardwood appearance using integral colors and patterns which are literally stamped into the surface.

From design, to preparation, to sealing; B&W Concrete can build your vision. We offer a variety of styles to give your concrete texture, color and depth.